Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I become a member?

A: Press Register button on the top right hand corner and complete the form and submit. You will receive and acknowledgement e-mail with your log-in information. Use this credentials to log in and look for ‘modify profile’ on the sub-menu on the left. Once you have completed you can upload your picture by drag and drop in the ‘choose file’ button. Or you can click open the ‘choose file and upload your picture there. If you want to keep your picture private, you could check mark in the appropriate box. In addition, if you wish not to make your name public, you could type a pseudo name in the ‘display name’ box.

Q: Can I check for others’ profiles without becoming a member?

A: No, you cannot view members’ profiles nor make any comments on their profiles without first logging-in. Alternatively, you could first use the ‘search’ button to see if there are any eligible match in your age group.

Q: If I like a particular member and would like to contact him or her, what should I do?

A: There are many options to do this. All are listed on the left hand section on the ‘member’ page; you could send ‘blink’, or a ‘gift’ etc. or leave a comment, are few.

Q: What if a member is abusing the site’s features?

A: Members who are found to abuse the service will be blocked.

Q. How secure is this site?

A: The site is generally secure and we do not sell members’ private information to third parties. The only relevant information we collect is the full name, age, gender, e-mail etc. No address and telephone numbers are collected. However, if a member was introduced through an intermediary, such as a Match Maker Service, the contact information is attached to the member’s profile for future communication.

Q: Can a parent or a representative from a Match Maker Service register on behalf of a member?

A: Yes, however, a contact email is mandatory for member registration, to which the log-in credentials are sent. Currently the system can take one email per member. We are working to accommodate multiple entries for one email.

Q: Are there any charges involved to your service?

A: Currently no. This service is established in an attempt to serve the Tamil Diaspora in mind. If it is found to be useful, we are contemplating introducing a subscription plan in the future, for users.

Q: How do I contact you, in case a situation arise?

A: All contacts are done via our email: ; or use the Contact Us page to send us your queries. We will be happy to respond to you asap.