About Us

MatchTamil.com is, at this time, a free marriage partner introduction service site, established to serve, exclusively the Tamil speaking community. At a time when many generations of Tamils are scattered all over the globe, it is imperative to maintain coherence between us by applying innovative methodologies and employing every tools at our disposal to meet constantly emerging demands. As such, MatchTamil is borne.

At MatchTamil we strive to keep the privacy of our users with utmost security hence a log-in feature for all users is introduced. Every user can individually tailor their profile and block whatever he or she does not want to display. Upon reaching a consensual agreement between two participants, more enhanced services will be available for them to pursue further.

MatchTamil.com assures users that it is not in data sale business and it guarantees no data of signed-off users are kept in our files.

Wishing all users to find a successful match, we remain,

MatchTamil Team